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Larcom and Mitchell Modular Chain Harrow

Larcom Modular Chain GroomerOur newly designed Modular Chain Harrow can tackle all those jobs you could never find just the right piece of equipment to use. The 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 foot double sided design allows for this tool to have ultimate versatility. The aggressive side allows for maximum soil penetration and can be reversed for less depth and greater speed. While the opposing side is perfect for that smooth finish.

Larcom and Mitchell Triangle Drag Harrow

Larcom Triangle DragThe Larcom and Mitchell 9’ Triangle Drag Harrow is the most economical means to condion your soil surface. The double punched I beams lock in the hardened teeth which can be adjusted as the teeth wear. Triangle Harrow is available in Aluminum for a light cut and Steel for a deeper cut.

Larcom and Mitchell Mini Harrow

Larcom Mini HarrowMini Harrow is the perfect tool to use in areas that are inaccessible by larger machines. Use your ATV, large garden tractor or regular tractor to pull this unique unit. The Mini Harrow has a universal hitch that enables conversion from a pull type to a 3pt style. The Mini Harrow has an adjustable cutting depth, hardened steel teeth., and a well engineered design built with the user in mind.

Larcom and Mitchell Diamond Drag Harrow

Larcom HarrowDiamond Drag Harrow from Larcom & Mitchell is a step up from our Triangle Har-row. This machine has a deeper cut, more teeth and covers more workable area. Hardened 11″ teeth come standard with a Carbide tip option on the teeth for pro-longed life.

The Diamond Drag Harrow is available in Aluminum for a light cut and Steel for a deeper cut. Two sizes of the Diamond Drag Harrow 6’ and 8’ to meet your specific needs.

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