Horse Trailer Cams made by Horse people for Horse people

No other trailer monitoring system allows you to see what is happening to your horses, and also monitor their heart rate.    Our system even alerts you when events cause your horse’s heart rates to rise above a certain threshold!

Anyone who has trailered horses knows the inconvenience of repeatedly pulling over to check conditions inside the trailer. It’s time-consuming for you and stressful for your horse. Now you can see what’s happening and also monitor the heart rate on your phone, tablet or iPad right from the cab of your truck.

Our partner is POLAR, world-renowned manufacturers of equine heart rate monitors.  We are ready to bring this technology to you today.   Updates will be posted on bringing this same technology to your barn.  PLUS streaming information over the internet, so your horse’s safety will always be as close as your phone.® is a company dedicated to bring horse owners peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their horses visually and biometrically, when the horse is under stressful situations. The founders of®, Roberta and Myk Powell boarded their Arabians, Thoroughbreds and Wild Mustangs at various facilities throughout California and know firsthand the anxiety caused by being separated from their horses when problems arise.

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