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Professional Choice Philosophy

“The more comfortable the horse the better the performance”, if your horse is not wearing the correct equipment you cannot expect it to perform at its best. All Professional Choice products are designed with the horse’s safety and comfort in mind.

Sports Medicine Boots to absorb an average of 26%, and up to 45% of energy caused from hoof impact, while also preventing hyperextension of the fetlock. Standard polo wraps and adhesive bandages tested under similar conditions came in at only 6-10%. Our boots were then examined to see if they restricted the movement of the horse’s ankle. Not only was it found that movements were not inhibited, but the horses actually shifted their weight to the feet that were wearing the boots.

Saddle Pads

The SMx Air Ride™ pad was tested with a computerized sensor pad equipped with 225 pressure sensors that mapped both static (still) and dynamic (moving) pressure distributions. After placement on the back of the horse underneath the SMx pad, tests showed the SMx Air Ride™ pad to be incredibly shock absorbent, as it evenly distributed weight from saddle and rider throughout the core. These pads were also field tested underneath the packs of mule trains in Hawaii.

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